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Lavender Soap
Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

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Lavender Essential Oil soap is made with true essential oils, not cheap artificial lavender fragrance. Therefore it is a soap to be used when you have time to take in its aromatherapy effect. Take a few extra minutes to inhale the lavender essential oil and delight your senses with the healing effects of lavender.

Health Benefits
Olive oil -anti-aging due to its high vitamin E content, traditionally used by women in Italy as a moisuriser.
coconut oil – cleansing & lathers
shea butter – repairs & builds skin cells, increases collagen
rice bran oil –  high in omega 3 & 6 are essential fatty acids, assisting in skin cell formation and increases oxygen intake. Traditionally used by women in Japan as a night moisturiser
lavender essential oil –  Lavender is proven by research to be a calming and soothing essential oil. It is are also an antiseptic.

Olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil