Black Sesame

Black Sesame

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This soap it rich in Vitamins E, D and B complex so it is nourishing for the skin. Black Sesame soap can be used as a full body soap as it is effective in the repair of damaged cells, detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation but can also be used as a light facial exfoliator due to the crushed sesame seeds.


olive oil (high in vitamin E) 38%, coconut oil (cleansing & lathers) 19%, shea butter (repairs and builds skin cells) 9%, caster oil (holds lather) 4%, sesame oil (for skin elasticity) 7%, grounded black sesame (exfoliates) 9%

Health Benefits

  • Olive oil – high in vitamin E which is an antioxidant
  • Coconut oil – hydrates, cleansing & lathers
  • Shea butter – repairs and builds skin
  • Castor oil – holds lather
  • Sesame oil – an emolient for skin elasticity
  • Black sesame ground – emolient and exfoliates