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Midnight Face Bar

Midnight Face Bar

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Midnight face bar in my opinion is the best soap I have created so far. It is a gentle exfoliator and anti-aging moisturising soap. This is a face cleanser to use if you want the best that you can buy.

Packed with nutrition, this is an extremely moisturising, ant’s pants of face bars. Simply read the ingredients list to be impressed.

It is made with 5% vitamin E which is a proven anti-oxidant. The organic oat bran gently exfoliates while the sesame oil acts as an emollient for skin elasticity.

It is my personal face exfoliator and cleanser of choice. As with all my products, nothing is put on the ingredients list without a reason. For this face bar, I have absolutely spared no expenses and created the very best I have to offer. If I was to have a signature soap, this would be the one. See the health benefits below.

Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, sesame oil, organic oat meal, black sesame ground, vitamin E.

Health benefits:

  • Olive oil – high in vitamin E
  • Coconut oil – extremely moisturising
  • Shea butter – aides in skin regeneration
  • Castor oil – creates and holds bubbles for lathering
  • Sesame oil – skin emollient
  • Organic oat meal – soothing and exfoliating
  • Black sesame ground – gentle but firm exfoliant
  • Vitamin E – anti-aging antioxidant