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Soft Hands Moisturiser- Vegan Friendly
Soft Hands Moisturiser- Vegan Friendly
Soft Hands Moisturiser- Vegan Friendly

Soft Hands Moisturiser- Vegan Friendly

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New improved formula with coconut oil for deep moisturising. The negative is that your hands will look a tad shinier for a while. In about about an hour, the oils are fully absorbed to do their good work. Extra shea butter in this version. And orange essential oil to improve skin circulation of blood in skin. This is how we fight aging, always move the blood to the peripherals. Always grateful for the things a herbalist dad and an acupuncturist mum teaches in everyday conversations. This batch has a beautiful consistency. It is ok to buy two or more and freeze. Thaw one at a time. Save postage.

Made with orange essential oil*, you will notice your hands warm up immediately as you rub Soft Hands Moisturiser into your skin. This is because orange essential oil increases blood circulation. Use this moisturiser to warm up hands in cold weather, but more importantly, to increase the vitality of your skin, as blood circulation increases skin cell activity for repair and regeneration.

Shea oil is also added to create a rich moisturiser because of its emollient (softens skin) and humectant (draws moisture to the skin) properties. It has the added advantage of being anti-aging because it is high in vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant (see our article on Vitamin E).

Coconut oil and rice bran oil are both exceptionally nutritious oils and known to be great for skin. Rice bran oil is a traditional skin moisturiser that Japansese women would put on their face every night before bed. In 100g of rice bran oil, there are 1600 mg of Omega-3 fatty acid, 33402 mg of Omega-6 fatty acid, 32 mg of Vitamin E and 24.7 mg of Vitamin K **. As a source of skin nutrition, rice bran oil is a power house. Given this set of data, you can see why I use rice bran oil in moisturisers.

Coconut oil is a super oil. It takes a little while longer to soak into the skin but once it does it moisturises as a deeply, carrying its nutrition deep into the skin. As an anti-fungal  and anti-microbial oil, it is very suitable for the hands as our hands come into contact with so many different microbes.

With extra Candelilla Wax this hand cream is designed to be create a nutritious protective barrier for the hands. For those who find themselves constantly at the sink and in contact with water, make a habit of going to the fridge to your jar of Soft Hands Moisturiser after you have done the washing up. Your hands will thank you for keeping them soft and supple.

*Please note however, that all citrus essential oils are phototoxic to some degree, so it is best to allow your skin to absorb the orange essential oil before you go sun baking.  Once the smell of orange essential oil has diminished, this means it has been absorbed/evaporated and it should be perfectly safe to go out into the hot sun. I won’t make face moisturisers with citrus essential oils for the reason that the skin on our face is so sensitive.

I give my creams a shelf life of 6 months. In all likelihood they will last a year if not contaminated and stored in the refrigerator.

Water, rice bran oil, coconut oil,  shea butter, Candelilla Wax , orange essential oil

Health Benefits

  • Rice bran oil: Extremely high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. They build healthy skin cells and so are integral to skin health. High in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and therefore anti-aging (see our article on Vitamin E)
  • Coconut Oil: Anti-fungal and anti-microbial, penetrates skin tissues deeply and is therefore great for moisturising and repairing dry skin
  • Beeswax: A nutritious and protective water barrier
  • Shea Oil: A powerhouse ingredient for: skin cell regeneration, a humectant which draws moisture to the skin and an emollient which makes skin elastic and soft.
  • Orange essential oil: Increase blood circulation and a mood lifter