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Sunshine Face Cleansing Soap (Long Lasting)
Sunshine Face Cleansing Soap (Long Lasting)

Sunshine Face Cleansing Soap (Long Lasting)

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Honey, Vitamin E and Organic Oat Meal face bar in my opinion is  one of the best soap I have created so far. It is a gentle exfoliator and anti-aging moisturising soap. This is a face cleanser to use if you want the best that you can buy.

This delectable face bar is designed for 365 face washes. We supply a waterproof container to keep your soap lasting as long as possible. This means wetting your palms and running it over the soap a few times, then rubbing this on your face, using a brush every few days to gently exfoliate. This exfoliation is meant to be extremely gentle, more like a tickle than a rub. Your face should feel moist and nourished. Pat dry and moisturise using the Ultra Moisturiser for skin which need help with crow’s feet, or the Daily Moisturiser for skin nutrition or Ultra Hemp Moisturiser for skin which needs a nutritional boost as it has had damage or skin sensitivities.

Packed with nutrition, this is an extremely moisturising and nutricious face bar. Simply read the ingredients list to be impressed.

It is made with 5% vitamin E which is a proven anti-oxidant. The organic oat bran gently exfoliates while the shea butter and honey acts as a rich moisturiser.

It is my one of my all-time favorite face bar. As with all my products, nothing is put on the ingredients list without a reason. For this face bar, I have absolutely spared no expenses and created the very best I have to offer.  See the health benefits below.


Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Organic oatmeal, Vitamin E and Lye

Health benefits

  • Olive oil – high in vitamin E
  • Coconut oil – extremely moisturising
  • Sweet almond oil- aides in skin regeneration
  • Castor oil – creates and holds bubbles for lathering
  • Honey – skin conditioner
  • Organic oatmeal – soothing and exfoliating
  • Vitamin E – anti-aging antioxidant