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Ultra Hemp Moisturiser
Ultra Hemp Moisturiser

Ultra Hemp Moisturiser

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A moisturiser that is made with only 3 essential natural ingredients: hemp seed oil, water; beeswax. Hemp seed oil is very nutritious and will feed your skin. It is helps to build skin cells and is also anti-flamatory.

Ultra Hemp Moisturiser is so called because it is contains a whopping 31.5% certified organic hemp seed oil.  It smells of fresh mown grass or wheat grass juice with a woody background. The moisturiser is green in colour. There are no colour additives used. The green is from the hemp oil itself.

It is designed to be used on the face, but can also be used for the rest of the body. This moisturiser is great for sensitive skin because hemp seed oil is one of the most gentle oils on the planet.

Made with beeswax, this hand cream is designed to be create a nutritious protective barrier for the hands. Unlike emulsifying wax, which more often than not is  used to make moisturisers, beeswax is not heavily processed and a very natural raw material with.

This moisturiser is also available with essential oils with peppermint, lavender and bergamot listed as Ultra Hemp Moisturiser with Essential Oils under the moisturiser category. With the peppermint you will feel a zing on your skin. This is because peppermint essential oil is stimulating and increases blood circulation. This is good for your skin. Lavender and bergamot both have antiseptic properties and soothe.


Hemp Oil, Water, beeswax.

Health Benefits

  • Hemp seed oil: Perfect ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 essential fatty acids of 1:3 for our absorption. This combination of Omega 3 and 6 is perfect for building of skin cells.
  • Beeswax: A nutritious and protective water barrier